Why are ceramic coatings so expensive

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Why are ceramic coatings so expensive

Mar 28, 2019So weve explained what car wax is what nanoceramic coating is now, lets address the middle child automotive paint sealants. Car paint sealant is a fully synthetic product that use proprietary polymers to adhere to paint and produce a shiny appearance. Oct 24, 2017If you are purchasing a ceramic coating from a true professional detailer, this will likely be the single largest factor in the final price of your coating package. A single stage of paint correction can easily take 58 hours, a two stage paint correction can easily take 1216 hours, and a multi stage paint correction can take 20 hours. We had a conversation with one of the manufacturers of nano ceramic coatings and they said, sir, please do understand that real product can never be that cheap, we are manufacturers and we know. It is simply a fraud and they are not nano ceramic coating Mr. Fix 9H is Highly Flammable The early models of ceramic coated cookware did not have a high quality coating and its performances did not fulfill buyers needs and expectations: The biggest complaints about those inferior ceramiccoated pots and pans are: The coating is vulnerable to impacts making it prone to chipping or cracking. If you are knew to using this type of detailing product, you may be wondering why it is so expensive. Most ceramic coatings come in 50 ml bottles and are only suitable for one large vehicle or two smaller vehicles at a push. The nano ceramic technology used in the coating. In particular, they are so effective because of the hardness and longevity they offer. Most vehicles that have traditional wax or sealant applied dont have them applied frequently enough. Frankly, waxes and sealants are great too BUT, their diminishing effectiveness is why ceramic coatings are so. Mar 20, 2019A true ceramic coating would be extremely expensive and cost far more than your vehicle is worth. And professional level coatings are much more expensive than a bottle for the most part. Modesta coatings are expensive, Nova Pro, Cquartz FinestReserve, Gtechniq's professional coatings, Gyeon's professional lineup is expensive, etc. Professional level coatings also normally require baking with IR lamps which takes a while to do. Mar 27, 2019Is a ceramic coating permanent? Ceramic coatings are not permanent. Some manufacturers claim that their products form a permanent bond with your paint. But in reality this could not the case. The weather and washing or polishing your car will cause the coating to break down over time. Will a coating prevent scratches. Jun 05, 2019The guys who did my ceramic text me every few weeks to see if I need a detail, which I don't need because I have ceramic. Detailers will try to sell ceramic to daily drivers because they know they will not be having there cars professionally detailed all the time, so they figure why not get some money from them by telling them how great ceramic is. Apr 05, 2017However, highend ceramic coatings (mine is not) are quite expensive. These are not for application on Suzuki Alto or Honda City, because (cost of coating application) will be half the price of full car repainting. But for premium expensive cars, maybe yes. You can apply ceramic coating by yourself: Applying a ceramic layer is a difficult task. The coat should be done by a professional only so that it can protect for a long time. The coating is so tight and secure that only a wet sanding can remove it. Therefore, the companies only offer these to an accredited detailer. Ceramic coatings are not thick or flexible enough to absorb the impact of a rock hitting your paint at highway speed. The only way to protect your paint from stone chips is with a high quality paint protection film. These films tend to be much more expensive than ceramic coatings. Apr 13, 2018Ceramic Coating Cost: 500 2, 000. These are (car) ceramic coatings that must be applied by trained and certified professionals and delivers super hydrophobic properties. The use of equipment, experience and labour makes the cost relatively high, depending on your budget.

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